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Wednesday 15.07.20


Starting today, I would like you to begin writing a diary about your day and try to keep this up throughout the summer holiday. Diaries are full of personal thoughts and feelings. Writing a diary entry can do wonders for your wellbeing as you can express your inner thoughts in a safe and comfortable way. 


Your entries don't need to be long as some days aren't very interesting, whereas others are and you'll have lots to write about! You can write an entry everyday, every other day, or just when you feel there is something notable to write about! You may need to purchase a little book to write in and then keep it somewhere safe in your house. You do not need to post this onto the blog or email in. It's yours to enjoy. 


For your penultimate maths session, I'm setting you some mathematical problems and games to play! Hooray! The document in the resources section is full of activities and games to challenge you and for you to enjoy. Some you will know, but not all.


Read instructions carefully and try to access a broad range of subjects from the year 5/6 curriculum. Most games will be perfectly fine to play alone, whereas others you may need an opponent. You can access these as much as you want to over the holidays. Enjoy!