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Week Five 4.10.21 Ruby's Worry


Last week, we found out so much about homes. We talked about our own lives and found out about the different ways others might live their lives.

This week's Book of the Week is 'Ruby's Worry' by Tom Percival

This week we will be thinking about our Feelings. We will be finding out about different emotions, what they feel like and how we can manage different emotions. We will think about the things that make us happy, why we might feel sad or angry, and how to calm ourselves down if we feel out of control. We will be exploring mindfulness and understanding the importance of talking about our emotions, and supporting those around us with theirs.
You can listen to this week's Book of the Week below:

In class this week, we will be:

  • Exploring yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to help us feel calm
  • Making worry dolls to help us talk about how we feel
  • Explore different scenarios and think how they might make different people feel
  • Reading lots of stories in which characters feel different emotions 
  • Making faces that show different feelings
  • Creating repeating sequences of actions in our Dance lesson, to help us create our own routines
  • Thinking about how the world around us is changing in the Autumn time
  • Finding out about how Hindu people celebrate Raksha Bandhan as a way of celebrating the bonds between people who look after them, however they feel.