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Week Four: 15.3.21


It is so great to be back


What a fabulous first week back we have had. It has been so lovely to have everyone back together again. Our class has been full of chatting, learning, singing and lots of dancing! Miss Austin has loved getting to know the children she had not yet met and we are back to feeling complete again. We really enjoyed our learning about 'The Crunching Munching Caterpillar' book this week and have been particularly excited to welcome our class caterpillars and frogspawn to the Investigation Station! We have been watching them grow and develop hour by hour and have already seen lots of changes. Our caterpillars are growing in size and making webs, whilst our frogspawn have already begun to change shape and reach out of their jelly cases! We cannot wait to see how they continue to grow and develop.


The frogspawn has come at the perfect time this week too because our new Book of the Week, continues our thinking about the life cycles of different animals, including butterflies and frogs. Our new Book of the Week is.... *drumroll please*...


Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross



This is a truly lovely book in which a tadpole and caterpillar promise to be friends forever and to never change, but little do they know, the world has other plans. However, even as they grow and change, their friendship still prevails... before a rather unexpected twist!

Tadpole's Promise

RED NOSE DAY: A reminder that on Friday children can wear their own clothes to school to help celebrate Comic Relief Day. We will be engaging in Red Nose Day themed activities throughout the day. Where possible, children are asked to wear red but do not worry about this.




This image popped up on my social media the other day and it really struck a chord with me so I thought I would share it. Do you children wake up in a calm environment? Do they have time to talk to you about their day when you collect them from school? Do they end their day with a bedtime story in a calm routine? These things are so important. We know that this is not always easy. If you need any advice and support to make these moments count or support your children, please speak to a member of staff. We are here to help smileyheart


Reception's Leaf Man Creations

Below you will find information on the learning we will be engaging with this week in class. If you are self-isolating or unable to attend school, we ask that you utilise these resources to support you to deliver learning at home. If you are self-isolating, a member of staff will contact you to support you with this as we will no longer be creating weekly videos once school reopens. Below you will also find the Home Learning for children to complete at home this week.