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Week One 7.9.21 Our Class is a Family


Welcome to Reception! We hope you have a lovely first week!


This week, our focus text will be 'Our Class is a Family' by Shannon Olsen:



This book is a lovely way to welcome everyone into Reception and into our class family. This week we will be focusing on settling in, exploring the classroom, finding out where everything is, welcoming the new children who are joining us from other nurseries, and on making a happy and positive start to the year. There will be lots of stories, singing, circle times and chances to play and learn with each other. This week at home, we would just encourage you to talk to your child about their week and what they have been up to. Starting Reception is such a special time... cherish it smiley. We will begin setting Home Learning activities from next week.


Here are some questions/conversation prompts you might like to ask your child about their first week of 'big school:'


Tell me about your classroom...

Who have you met today?

How is Reception different to Nursery?

What have you enjoyed?

Tell me what you are most excited to explore next...

Did you help anyone today or did anyone help you?

Is there anything you are not sure about yet?