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Week Two 13.9.21 I Like Myself

Settling in to Reception Class - what a great time we are having!

This week's Book of the Week is 'I Like Myself' by Karen Beaumont.

You can watch an online version of it below.
We will be using this book to think about the things we like about ourselves, what makes us who we are, and why we are special. We will be focusing on the vocabulary of being 'unique.'

In class this week, we will be:

  • Playing lots of games to practise our 4 rules of 'Good Listening' (Looking at the person who is talking, sitting still, staying quiet, listening to all of the words). 
  • Focusing on the skill of rhyming in Phonics, continuing rhyming strings, singing rhymes, reading rhyming stories, finding rhyming pairs of items and finding the odd one out in a group of rhyming items.
  • Practising our matching and sorting skills in Maths. We will be sorting clothes, socks, buttons, natural resources and shapes.
  • Using our Word of the Week 'after' in lots of different ways e.g. following instructions, taking turns after our friends, talking about what happens after each different thing we do in our day
  • Drawing self-portraits, making faces from loose parts and building pasta people!
  • Reading lots of different stories about how we are all different and talking about what makes us unique
  • Practising our pencil control using stencils
  • Talking about how we grow from babies into adults and some of the things we might do in our lives
  • Looking after our babies in the Home Corner and washing them in the bath
  • Finding out about how different faiths welcome new born babies
  • Starting our first PE unit, all about Dance
  • Going to Forest School for the first time in Reception! 
  • Having lots of Choosing Time in which we can choose what we would like to do, talk with our friends, learn together, take turns, sort out problems, develop our relationships and communicate in many different ways! What a busy week!