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Week Two 8.11.21 Mixed


This week's Book of the Week is 'Mixed: A Colourful Story' by Arree Chung. It is a lovely story that introduces us to primary and secondary colours. The book teaches us about colouring mixing, with an important underpinning messsage about diversity and how boring the world would be if we all looked and felt the same. 


This week we will also be having an additional focus on a very colourful festival; Diwali. We will be finding out about this important Hindu and Sikh festival and exploring the ways in which people use colours, patterns and designs as part of the ways in which they celebrate Diwali. 

Mixed A Colourful Story

As part of our learning this week, we will be:

  • Exploring the colour wheel and finding out which colours we can make by mixing
  • Exploring the ideas of shades of colour, making our paints darker and lighter
  • Discussing the importance of diversity and difference, celebrating the ways in which we are the same and different
  • Exploring colour mixing through science experiments (kitchen roll rainbow and carnations in food colouring)
  • Finding out who celebrates Diwali and what this involves
  • Creating our own colourful Rangoli patterns using chalk, shapes, crayons, rice, lentils and other materials
  • Inking our own Mendhi designs
  • Making Diva lamps
  • Exploring our Word of the Week "thick"
  • Exploring the number 5 and how it is made up of different amounts
  • Learning and using new Phonics sounds: z w ng v oo
  • Developing our group reading skills


What a busy week ahead!