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Wk beg. 01.02.21

Mrs Crisp's assembly #2

Hello everyone, here is my next assembly. Sorry about the holes in the globe - I'm still getting used to the green screen technology! If you help to save t...

Have a fantastic week and we look forward to seeing your learning on Tapestry.

This week Mrs Painter will be making the safe and well calls on Tuesday morning so listen out for the calls. 

This week our class texts are Oliver's Vegetables and Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French. These texts will enable us to continue to explore colours through food, consider where our food comes from, learn the names of various vegetables and fruits and explore food choices ensuring we are eating a healthy diet. Below are links to the stories. 

Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. Below are a selection of activities we will be accessing this week. On Tuesday we will be working with Mr Wheeler, our whole school sports coach. Please ensure children come dressed in warm track suit trousers and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field should it be icy. 

Physical Development, Health and self-care.


We will explore healthy diets and learn the importance of eating our 7 a day. We will look in lunchboxes with the children and identify what foods we should be eating lots of and which foods we should be eating occasionally as a treat. We will encourage the children to eat a variety of foods in their diet and like Oliver be open to trying new things as we might just like them. 

Physical Development, Fine Motor

We will continue to explore pattern, learn to trace carefully over a given line and colour within the lines. We will practise large scale movements, then practise the same patterns on large sheets of paper. We will practise our Dough Disco movements (see sheet in home learning pack) and create various fruits and vegetables by modelling the play dough. 

Communication and Language

Our phonics work will continue to focus on learning to break words down into syllables. This week we hope that the children are becoming more fluent and independent with this learning. I have included two clips to refresh parents memories of what this means and how you can support you child with this learning, see the links below. This will be delivered as a daily activity.


Monday; we will clap out the syllables in colour names, sorting the names into two groups, of those that have one or two syllables in them.

Tuesday; we will clap out the syllables in the names of vegetables, including the vegetable names from the text; Oliver's Vegetables, sorting the vegetables into three groups, of those that have one, two or three syllables in them.

Wednesday; we will clap out the syllables in the names of vegetables that we are using in nursery, sorting the vegetables names into two groups, of those that have one or two syllables and extend to three and four syllables for the most confident children.  

Thursday; we will clap out the syllables in the names of fruits, including the fruit names from the text; Oliver's Fruit Salad, sorting the fruit into three groups, of those that have one, two or three syllables in them.

Finally on Friday; we will clap out the syllables in our own names and in the names of our friends, focusing on our first name and extending to our first name and surname for the most confident. 

We will act out the story using masks from the story but use different vegetables that we have in Nursery to create a new story based on the text read. We will use and develop new vocabulary as we act out the story. We will use talk to connect ideas, anticipating what will happen next using the visual props for support. Children could do this at home using the pictures of Mum, Oliver, Gran and Grandpa (included in the home learning packs). 

Understanding the World

We will be learning to name and describe new vegetables and fruits that we encounter in the book and also through the other activities that we access in nursery. We will use magnifying glasses to look closely at whole fruits and vegetables and their cross sections. We will be learning how to re-grow vegetables (see sheet in home learning pack) focusing on the carrot, observing the changes that occur during the week. 

Did you enjoy some Brussel Sprouts with your Christmas Dinner. Perhaps this was a new vegetable that you have recently tried? Do you know how Brussel Sprouts are grown. Follow the link below to find out more.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will print with a variety of fruits and vegetables to create our own patterns using our imagination. Children will learn how to apply the paint using the fruit and vegetables to create a clear print. They will explore creating their own patterns and images using a variety of pattern stimuli for ideas. Follow the link below for ideas that can be encouraged at home.

We will explore the work of the artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Follow the clip below for more information. We will use a range of fruit and vegetables to place on paper to create our pictures, these will be photographed so we can use the same pieces a number of times. 

Mathematics; Number.


Each day we will sing the rhyme, One Potato, Two Potato (see photograph below for words) and count by rote from 0-10. As we count we will represent the number using our fingers. On Monday and Tuesday we will roll the die and count out different amounts of vegetables. On Wednesday we will match the amounts of vegetables counted to Numicon pieces. On Thursday we will draw pictures to represent how many vegetables are already in the basket and on Friday we will find the numeral to represent how many vegetables are in the basket. To link with our book children can count vegetables and fruit that you have in the home. Also included in the home learning pack are some images of vegetables they can count and match to the given numerals.

Literacy; Writing.

We will talk about our favourite vegetables and record through picture and mark making are thoughts. We will practise writing our names, by tracing over letters in our name, copying under a given model or using our name cards. Children will be supported in their writing journey with appropriate tasks. At home, continue to practise ordering letters from the children's names and if interested writing their names with a pencil too. 

Literacy; Reading.

As the week progresses keep returning to the Nursery story telling page as we will be adding stories that relate to the learning of Oliver's Vegetables or alternatively you can listen to stories on the general story telling page.