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Wk beg 02.11.20

This week we celebrate bonfire night and fireworks by learning many rhymes associated with fireworks and bonfires. We will start the week by watching a family holding their own celebrations. Follow the link below to watch the family too. 


We will be learning and creating our own pattern rhyme. Singalong and add two of your own actions to develop additional verses to the song. 


We will create our own repeating patterns using various resources such as shape; (circle, triangle, circle, triangle, circle, triangle), colour; (red, green, red, green, red, green),  pants; (plain, patterned, plain, patterned, plain, patterned), body actions; jump, hop, jump, hop, jump, hop. Which two objects can you use to create your own repeating patterns? For each pattern call out the pattern at least three times so that the children can hear the pattern to identify what is needed next. 

Physical Development 

We will be creating dances to music. At home why not copy the Just Dance moves to Firework by Katy Perry or alternatively use your own imagination and create a dance to the Spaceman Sid music. Follow the links below.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be creating our own firework pictures using printing tools. Follow the link below for some art activities suitable to complete at home using carboard tubes. 

Understanding the World.

We will be decorating a biscuit to create an explosion of colour just like a firework. We will observe the changes to ingredients as we individually place icing sugar into a bowl, add drops of water and mix into a paste. We will add food colouring to change the colour of the icing then add iced sprinkles to create the exploding effect. We will observe how the icing is wet but then hardens as it dries out. 

Ongoing activities that support learning around the theme of bonfires and fireworks.


In the home corner we will have some additional dressing up clothes such as wooly hats, gloves and scarves so children can dress up and act out stories as if they were going to a fireworks and bonfire event. We will also have a few hedgehogs so bonfires will need to be checked before they are lit! 

In the construction area children will use the resources to build a bonfire and also add craft papers to create flame effects. Once made they will be encouraged to remain a safe distance as they act out their stories. 

At the investigation table we will be using the coloured paddles to overlay different colours, observing the colours change from primary to secondary colours. 

Our play tray will contain coloured sand and glitter where children will focus on mark making by copying firework patterns, create their own patterns and practise writing the initial letter in their names. Further mark making will encourage children to hold the pen correctly and improve their control by tracing accurately over lines and patterns related to a bonfire and firework theme. 

We will use instruments to create and represent sounds heard at bonfire night such as bang, pop, fizz, crackle and whoosh. 

Our small world area will contain Astronauts, planets, stars and rockets for children to create their own stories that would happen beyond the night sky. 

At the Math area children can match, copy and create their own shape models of rockets. They can also select their own resources to continue our work on pattern.

Our selection of jigsaws will include a fire engine and children dressing themselves.

We will develop our funky fingers by threading coloured pipe cleaners through small holes to create splashes of coloured light. 

Additional books related to celebrations will be available in the book corner as well as the daily rhymes related to our bonfire theme.