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Wk beg. 04.01.21

We hope you and your families had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed some relaxing family time together. We welcome back our returning families as well as eight new children and families this term. We look forward to working with you all as we continue to support your children with their learning journeys.
Our text this week is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle. We will be using the text to support our growing knowledge of colour, story retelling and verbally creating our own stories using the structure from the text. Below is a link to the text that can be muted to enable you to read the text to your child. 

In class we will complete a range of activities including:

Painting animals from the text; children will select their own colour and brush sizes learning to name the colours accurately and painting within the lines. They will learn to discuss their work with an adult and their friends.

Small World Play; children will use the animals to retell and create their own versions of the story read. 

Construction; children will create homes for the animals thinking about the size of the animals and what they need to survive. 

Story telling; children will use the prepared stick puppets and head dresses to retell the story. 

Reading and understanding; children will join in with the refrains and identify the colour and the animals that they see, working with the teacher they will have the opportunity to work in small groups to retell the story using head dresses as props. This will develop later in the week when children use their own paintings to act out new versions of the story which will be recorded as a class book. 

Investigation area; children will explore using primary colour discs and paddles to overlap and create secondary colours. 

Dough activities; children will use their own individual pots of dough to roll and flatten the dough then use it to cut animal shapes or mould animals of their choice. They will then use the sentence, "I see a ... (name colour and name animal) looking at me", to further develop language work related to the text.

Listening activities; children will make the sounds of the animals from the text and identify the correct animal when the teacher makes the sound. They will identify the order of two then three animal sounds made by the teacher. They will have the opportunity to retell the story and their own version adding their own sounds appropriately and will have the opportunity to select instruments to represent these animal sounds. 

Adult led Math related activities this week will focus on learning and acting out the rhyme, 5 Little Snowmen Fat (follow the link below for words and images). In small teams children will play a math game using a snowman, they will roll the die then count that amount of buttons and place on their snowman. They will practise recognising the numbers 1-6 and identifying the matching Numicon pieces. Additional games will include rolling a die and drawing the correct amount of buttons onto the Snowman. 

We will also enjoy playing in the snow and developing our language skills. We will be the first group to visit Forest School so hope that some of the snow remains for us all to enjoy. If we have more snow, we will continue with this stimulus making marks on snowmen and making snips and cuts to create snowflakes.


If during the holiday your child enjoyed playing in the snow, making a snow angel, or a snowman please share this work on Tapestry so we can share their experiences with their friends in class. 

At home:

Learn the rhyme, 5 Little Snowmen Fat. 

Decorate a biscuit, by icing a biscuit attaching a marshmallow and adding features using an icing pen. Discuss the changes to ingredients as water is added to the icing sugar powder. 

Remember to post your children's home learning on Tapestry, we love to see and celebrate their work as a class. At the end of the year it is lovely for you and your child to have a combination of school and home learning observations to look through together all in one place.