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Wk. beg. 05.07.21

Personal, Social, Emotional, Development.


We will continue to support the children in making links with their new adults and learning environments they will work with next academic year. We will support the children in developing new friendship groups and working effectively with others. 

The Three Little Pigs - Books Alive!

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Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. On Tuesday morning we will have our P.E. session. Please ensure children come dressed in appropriate clothing and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field. In the event of good weather please apply sun cream before arriving at Nursery and include a sun cap in your child's bag.


Physical Development, Fine Motor.


We will continue to develop our accuracy when using mark making tools with a focus this week on letter formation and copying our name using our name cards. We will practice large scale movements, then practice the same patterns on large sheets of paper as part of our Squiggle while you Wiggle routines. We will continue to develop our finger muscles through our Dough Disco movements. We will develop our hand/eye co-ordination by working with a steady hand when we cut out circles to create our own Little Pigs. 

Communication and Language; Word of the week, first. 





Older children moving into Reception Class in September will listen to an adult sounding out and blending a word and will identify what word has been blended using their listening skills, they will then be encouraged to sound out the words themselves and identify how many sounds they can hear within it.

Younger children remaining in Nursery in September will explore clapping out the syllables in words containing 1-4 syllables. On Tuesday they will focus on their own names, on Wednesday animal names, on Thursday types of houses and on Friday various toys. 



Reading: We will name and discuss the characters in the text and the story settings as we read the book and re-enact the story using the stick puppets and role play masks. The children will have access to their favourite stories as well as a rich collection of traditional stories that we will explore over the concluding weeks.  

Writing: We will practice writing our own names and the number that we find on our house as we record on house shaped paper. Children will have access to mark making materials in the construction area as they write lists and in the role play area as they send messages to gain help.  

Mathematics, Pattern.


We will copy, continue and create our own patterns using pictures of the three little pigs, the house of straw, wood and bricks to copy, continue and create patterns. We will spot errors and make changes to ensure the patterns make sense. Our main focus will be on ab patterns; Straw house, Brick House, Straw House, Brick House but children will also be challenged to create abb patterns; Straw House, Brick House, Brick House, Straw House, Brick House, Brick House, bba patterns; Straw House, Straw House, Brick House, Straw House, Straw House, Brick House, and abc patterns; First Little Pig, Second Little Pig, Third Little Pig, First Little Pig, Second Little Pig, Third Little Pig, depending on the children's individual ability. 

Understanding the World.


We will explore and name a variety of materials, such as wood, chalk, stone, metal, rubber etc. We will learn that different objects are made from different materials. We will also look at and name different homes through picture such as flats, caravans, semi- detached house, barns, cottages etc.

Expressive Arts and Design.


In the Creative Area, children will explore straw and wood as they make their houses using these collage items. In the Construction Area children will make different types of homes using the pictures previously discussed. In the Role Play area the children will act out the story using a range of story telling props. 

As we approach the end of the term we revisit some of our favourite songs we have learnt this year. Join and sing along with Mr Tumble a collection of our favourite rhymes. Can you remember them all? 

CBeebies | Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes Playlist

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special in his Nursery Rhymes playlist. Aunt PollyThe Wheels on the BusRock-a-Bye BabyMusic ManLittle Bo PeepMary...