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Wk beg 07.12.20 and 14.12.20

During the final two weeks of term we will celebrate advent and begin our in school preparations for Christmas. We learnt recently about Jesus as a man and his friendship with Andrew who became the Patron Saint of Scotland. We will now focus on the story of his birth. Through this story, we will focus on why people celebrate Christmas and why it is such an important celebration. We will focus on how we celebrate Christmas and share the preparations that children have already undertaken at home with others. 
In class we will listen and watch a number of different stories which tell the story of Jesus’ birth, follow the link below to watch one of these stories with your child. You may also have the story as part of your home book collection or could even read the story from within the children’s own bibles. Discuss why this story is so important to Christians and how Christians celebrate Christmas. Repeat these stories many times until the children are able to retell the story verbally themselves. In class, children will have access to stick puppets, china figures and tableau cardboard roll characters to support them in their retelling work. 
We will be supporting the children in a number of Christmas crafts, including the making of a Christmas card, a calendar and various tree decorations. Children will also have the opportunity to work independently to create their own creative ideas with free access to Christmas sequins, glitter and collage items. As these are so lovely for parents to receive we will be keeping the designs we have chosen a top secret to enable the children to be the first ones to share their work with you.  These items really are special keepsakes and keeping them in your Christmas box for your child to look back on, will be a source of delight each Christmas, for many years to come.

We will learn some Christmas songs and hope to record these to share with you, you may even hear your children sing some of these songs spontaneously as they play. Please ensure you have given permission for your child to be recorded by 9:00 on Monday 14th December, otherwise your child will not be in the clips. 

We will see the importance of writing as we write our own Christmas cards to our families, make marks in our glittery play tray and write our Christmas present wish list.

We will continue to practise our fine motor skills by picking up small items to place on our trees and snowmen. We will also continue with our dough disco routines moving our fingers to Christmas inspired tunes as we manipulate our dough. 

In Phonics we will be adding instrumental sounds to the story, We’re going on a Baby hunt and our chosen Christmas songs too, learning to play rhythmically and selecting sounds for a purpose. 

In the role play area children will have access to Christmas plates and cups and Christmas foods to enable them to act out their own celebrations. Using the felt tree and decorations, tinsel and paper chains they will have the opportunity to dress their own home for Christmas. 

At Forest School we will discover a naughty elf who has been up to mischief. During this session we will also make natural reindeer food so the reindeer will know where to land on Christmas Eve using oats, coloured strands and a silver snowflake to enable us to make a special wish. We will end the session with a Christmas cookie and festive hot chocolate. 

Please remember to return your child’s Christmas 2D bauble this week, that was sent home for your child to decorate. These will be shared with the other children in the class and then used to decorate one of our trees in Nursery.

Please continue to share any other learning that your child may do at home via Tapestry, so that we can all share together how we are preparing for Christmas. It would be particularly delightful to see any Christmas baking the children may do as this is something we will not be doing in class this year due to restrictions of Covid 19.


Our Christmas party will take place on Thursday 17th December and will also include a virtual visit from Father Christmas. Gifts will be given out to all children and saved for the children who do not attend a Thursday session. We do have availability on this day, should any parent wish to book an additional session. Please contact Mrs Hoult in the School office who will be happy to help.


Last day of term is Friday 18th December, Forest School will continue as normal during the morning session