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Wk beg 09.11.20

This week we will be learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. This is an opportunity for the children to learn about a celebration from another culture. They will learn how other people have beliefs different to their own whilst broadening their knowledge of a different faith. We will start the week by learning about the story of Rama and Sita. Follow the link below to discover more about this story. 
We will learn how the celebration of Diwali is celebrated and broaden our knowledge of the festival by reading the text "Lighting a Lamp by Jonny Zucker." Other texts are available to listen to at home such as Dipal's Diwali which can be accessed by following the link below.  

To support us in our learning about Diwali, a range of activities will be available in the learning environment for the children to select from.


We will look at a range of traditional Rangoli patterns and observe different patterns being created with coloured rice. We will then use pre-drawn patterns to apply paint to create our own work using various printing and painting techniques. We will photograph our work and place our patterns in the home corner. We will make the link to how Hindu people decorate their door steps with Rangoli patterns so that the Goddess Lakshmi will bring them good luck in the year ahead. 

We will make and decorate our own diva pots to hold tealights just as people lit small lamps to welcome home Rama, Sita and Lakshman. 

We will decorate a pre-drawn hand creating our own Mendhi patterns, using traditional Mendhi designs as a stimulus. 

We will use coloured rice to develop our mark making skills creating patterns in the play tray. We will create firework patterns and practise writing the initial letter in our names.

We will practise our cutting skills following different pre-drawn lines to diva pot pictures, straight, curved and zig-zag. 

We will develop our fine motor control by placing various objects such as buttons and minature pom poms over a traditional Diwali symbol and greeting.

We will use our Numicom pieces to match to a base board and also use the pieces to create our own patterns. 

As the week progresses we will use small construction, 2d and 3d shapes to create our own Rangoli patterns. 

We will make our own Diwali cards and trace or copy our names into the cards.

We will learn a Rama and Sita rhyme and add musical accompaniment to the song.

We will use lollipop stick puppets to retell the Rama and Sita story. 

If your child is having to self isolate due to Covid, please contact the school office. A resource pack to enable your child to continue to follow the school learning activities will then be sent to your home to enable you to support your child with the support from their class teacher.  


Additional work on Wednesday 11th November will also focus on Remembrance. The children will create a collaborative wreath by using their hand prints to create a poppy. A simple story told from the perspective of an animal will be used to introduce the children sensitively to this theme. If your child does not attend on a Wednesday follow the link below to access the story. 
Additional work on Thursday will focus on Children In Need. We ask that children come to school wearing spots, stripes or onesies and donate a £1.00 towards this charity event. Sensitively the adults will discuss the work of this charity whilst the children complete a range of fun activities. Please follow the links to see some of things we will be participating with.