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The Little Red Hen

Welcome to Molly's Story Time.The tale is sensitively retold, following Little Red Hen as she finds some grains of wheat, plants the seeds and looks after th...

Personal, Social, Emotional Development.


Discuss the story with a grown up. Was the Little Red Hen right to not let the other animals taste the bread? Why did she make this decision? What would you have done? 

Can you learn some TEAM rhymes and discuss the meaning behind each of the rhymes?

Team work makes the dream work,

Together Everyone Achieves More,

There is no I in Team.

Now use your team skills to play some team games or take part in turn taking games or games where you need to share resources and play fairly. We look forward to seeing your chosen activities on Tapestry.


Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. I have selected a few of our favourite routines for you to practise at home with your families. Have fun!


In your garden you could also practise the basic travelling actions of walking, running, jumping, skipping and hopping. If you have a ball, practise some ball skills, throwing and catching alone or with a family member, dribbling, kicking and kicking and throwing at a target. Perhaps you could create your own Sports Day events just like at Nursery and compete against your own family.


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Physical Development, Fine Motor.


Continue to develop your accuracy when using mark making tools with a continued focus this week on letter formation and copying your name (older Nursery children), or tracing your name (younger Nursery children). You can continue to practise this skill throughout the holidays, you could write in flour, shaving foam, with a mud and a stick, a brush and a pot of water on the slabs, or use different coloured felt pens and write your name in rainbow letters. 

Continue to develop your finger muscles using your Play Doh pot and Dough Disco movement sheet. Do you have any threading games or if not use pasta tubes and wool, pegs and peg boards and remember to practice your cutting skills, learning to cut along straight and curved lines. 



Older children moving into Reception Class: Can you listen to an adult sounding out and blending a word and identify what word has been blended using your listening skills. Then can you sound out a word and see if your adult can identify the word you are blending. Can you clap each sound that you hear. You could have a tray of farm animals and sound out the animals. Follow the link below for ideas. 



Younger children remaining in Nursery in September: Explore clapping out the syllables in words containing 1-4 syllables. You could clap out the syllables in your own name, your families names and names of your friends, look in your toy box and clap out the syllables of the different objects, look in your cupboards and clap out the syllables of different foods, look in books and clap out the syllables of different animals that you see. Follow the link below to support parent knowledge.

Literacy, Reading and Writing.


Can you copy (older Nursery) or trace (younger Nursery) name cards for the animals that you will be making, hen, pig, cat and rat. Can you read each of the different name cards, look carefully at the initial sound in each word to help you spot the difference. You could also copy (older Nursery) or trace (younger Nursery) words and write a menu to show your family for when they come to eat your baking, you could write rolls, butter, jam. Maybe you could also include a choice of drinks? Writing is lots of fun when done for a purpose so have fun with your learning.

We also suggest older Nursery children continue to practise writing their names in lots of fun ways so this skill is well embedded for when they start Reception class. Use the holidays to practise so the children are able to do this without their name cards when they return in September.

Younger Nursery children can use their jigsaw name cards to construct their names so they are familiar with the order the letters in their name are written. On return in September we will be learning to write our names independently so the more knowledge they have the easier they will find our writing tasks. 



Using the numeral cards (given to you at May half term), practise recognising each of the numerals, counting out the correct amount of objects to match the numeral and even ordering the numerals too. Each day use different objects to keep the activity interesting. 

Then use your maths skills for a purpose. Do you have any dice games, dominoe games or other maths games that will help you develop your learning? Continue to practise these games throughout the holiday so that you keep your maths skills sharp. 

Understanding the World.


Perhaps you could make some bread, just like the Little Red Hen. Observe what happens to the ingredients and discuss your observations with an adult. Below is a link to a website, for you to follow an easy bread rolls recipe. Enjoy your rolls warm with some butter or jam. We look forward to seeing your results on Tapestry. 

Expressive Arts and Design.


Can you make the characters from the story? Perhaps you will paint, colour, collage, crayon, chalk or use felt pens. Maybe you will use shapes, construction toys or junk modelling.  Follow your own interests and imagination and we look forward to seeing all of your different responses on Tapestry.

Our rhyme of the week is the Little Red Hen song, it would be fabulous if you could all learn the song then we can all sing it together on your return to Nursery on Friday. We could invite Miss Bagnall, Mrs Bromley, Miss Davies and Mrs Roath to our performance so they can see how fabulous you all are as learners. 

Little Red Hen Song

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