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Wk beg 13.07.20

We made it!


Well done Year 2, you made it to the last week of term! I am so super proud of each and every one of you for working your socks off to continue your learning at home. I know that over the past couple of weeks especially, this hasn't been easy for many of you. Little did we know when we said goodbye to each other two weeks before Easter that this would be how our year would end. However, I'm determined that we will have as much fun in our last week as we would have done if we were in school together and what better way of kicking off our week than sharing with you your collaborative piece of art that you helped to create. I have edited all of your pictures together to create one piece of work in the style of Kandinsky and here it is....

I'm sure that you'll agree how fabulous it looks, can you spot your part? A huge well done for taking part in this project. 

I'm in school this week but I will still set blog challenges on Tuesday and Thursday and I'll be on the blog or the email if you want to get in touch at anytime.


Have a fab, fun filled final week my fabulous Year 2's...not long now until Year 3!


Lots of love,


Mrs R x