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Wk beg. 13.07.20

Monday activities are completed, Tuesday to Friday continue to be work in progress but feel free to take a peak. 


This week our whole school theme is celebrations. I have chosen the text, 'We are together' written and illustrated by Britta Teckentrupt. The text celebrates the power of love and friendship;


"On our own, we're special, and we can chase our dream,

But when we join up hand in hand, together, we're a team".


On that note, it will be lovely to see the team back together again across the week during our transition sessions into Class One and I know Miss Yeomans is really excited to meet you all too.


And finally a big shout out to all of the parents who have done fantastically over the past few months helping you all with your learning. I certainly didn't expect lock down to last as long as it did or the uncertain times that followed. Hopefully things will be easier next term as we return to normal school life again. Remember to look back at your phonics folder; sounds for reading and spelling, tricky word spelling sheets and high frequency word reading and letter names over the holiday so that you don't forget everything that you have learnt. Enjoy your holiday everybody and have a well deserved rest.