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Wk beg 21.09.20

Should a child be self-isolating due to a family member awaiting testing or following a confirmed case of Covid please make contact with the school. Additional activities will then be posted for the children to complete at home. Please find some activities below to get you started whilst we upload further activities for you to complete at home with your child, once you have made contact with the school. 

Our text for the week is We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

If you have the text at home enjoy reading it with your child encouraging them to participate with the repetitive refrains. If you do not have the story please follow the link below.

Discuss with your child the various settings that the family encounter and draw these images on a large piece of paper. Using small world people, encourage your child to retell the story using the story map to help your child act it out with the characters. 

Could you create a new story using different settings and characters; We're going on a Dinosaur Hunt, We're Going on a Lion Hunt etc. using the play equipment you have? Again draw these images on a large piece of paper. Using the small world toys, encourage your child to retell the story using the story map to help your child act it out. Why not video the story and post it on Tapestry so your child can share their learning with their friends on their return to school. 

In class we will be acting out the story using small world play, our Forest School provision and a chalk outline of each of the story settings. As the children retell the story we will be encouraging them to recall the refrains at various points in the story. We will be using large gross motor toys to create obstacle courses and also developing our control and co-ordination completing focused yoga sessions. 
In Phonics we will continue to develop our attention and listening skills. Can you listen to these sounds and identify the animals that are making the sounds? 
In our outdoor construction area we will support the children to construct a Bear Cave large enough for the children to fit into. Indoors we will complete some smaller scale projects and test our bear caves using our small world bears. Children at home could create and decorate their own cave using a large box or create a den using some blankets, tables and chairs. Perhaps they have some Duplo or blocks that they could use to make a cave? If not a bear, what animal will hide in the cave? Alter the story retelling dependent of the resources you have. 

In Mathematics we will be counting and recording using our own pictures to represent how many teddies are in a set. Can you practise counting from 0-10. Can you hide teddies in the room for your children to find and count how many they have found? Can they draw images of the bears to represent how many they found. Take the game outdoors and into other rooms to keep the children interested. Alter the bears used too. 

We will count how many jumps, claps and turns we do then see if the children can do the same. We will extend the games by tapping an instrument and identifying how many times the instrument has been played.