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Wk beg. 17.05.21

This week our text is, I don't want to go to bed by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes. This text will allow us to continue to explore animals that live in the Jungle, where they choose to live; land/water, ground/trees and continue to develop our knowledge of a good bedtime routine.

I Don't Want To Go To Bed - Bedtime stories for kids, read aloud.

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Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. On Tuesday morning we will have our P.E. session. Please ensure children come dressed in warm track suit trousers and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field. In the event of good weather please apply sun cream before arriving at Nursery and include a sun cap in your child's bag.


Physical Development, Fine Motor.


We will continue to develop our accuracy when using mark making tools with a focus this week on letter formation and copying our name using our name cards. We will practice large scale movements, then practice the same patterns on large sheets of paper as part of our Squiggle while you Wiggle routines. We will continue to develop our finger muscles through our Dough Disco movements. We will develop our hand/eye co-ordination by working with a steady hand when we practice our threading skills and complete puzzles by joining pieces together and dropping pieces into base boards.

Communication and Language; Word of the week.


Our concept of the week is 'around'. At home talk about moving around objects on the floor and around obstacles in the way.  



Reading: We will continue to recognise our own names through using our name jigsaw cards and cars with letters on, we will place the cars in order to spell out our own names. We will name and discuss the characters in the text and talk about the story setting. We will act out the story using animal masks and join in with the refrains used. The children will have props to support them in singing our rhyme of the week and have access to their favourite stories as well as a rich collection of fiction and non-fiction Jungle themes stories.  

Writing: We will practice writing our own names using a different colour pen for each letter to create rainbow names. In the tree-house role play area children will be encouraged to draw and label the animals that they see. 



Information will be added on Tuesday.

Mathematics, Number.


Our focus will be numbers to 10, counting from 0-10, identifying numbers, counting out amounts and ordering numbers.

Understanding the World


We will continue to learn about animals found in the Jungle, learning their names and facts about them. We will model gaining information about the new animals we introduce using the computer to find out information. We will look at animal track cards and copy the tracks made by the animals in our story into sand. 

Expressive Arts and Design


We will complete sun set pictures by blending chalks to create a sunset scene and then use black paint to print a Jungle animal onto the top of our sunsets. 

Our rhyme of the week, will be introduced on Monday then practiced daily in class using a variety of props to support the children in singing the song. We will also develop other animal rhymes using the same structure as 5 little Monkey's and 5 Little Tiger's jumping on the bed. Practice this song at home too, to develop your child's growing repertoire of songs and have fun making up new versions of the song by changing the animal that is jumping on the bed.  

Five Little Tigers Jumping on the Bed | English Nursery Rhymes and Songs For Children | TinyDreams

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