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Wk beg. 19.04.21

Our text this week is Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. This text will introduce our half termly topic which is all about the Jungle. Children will begin to learn what animals live in the Jungle and what the Jungle is like.

Rumble in the Jungle - educational audiobook (read-aloud) children's story. Colourful illustrations.

There's a rumble in the jungle, there's a whisper in the trees, the animals are waking up and rustling the leaves... Learn about jungle animals!Music: Balloo...

Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. On Tuesday morning we will have our P.E. session. Please ensure children come dressed in warm track suit trousers and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field should it be icy. In the event of good weather please apply sun cream before arriving at Nursery and include a sun cap in your child's bag.


Physical Development, Fine Motor.


We will continue to develop our accuracy when using mark making tools and develop our fine motor control by  completing pencil control sheets of Jungle animals from within our text. We will practise large scale movements, then practise the same patterns on large sheets of paper. We will develop our hand/eye co-ordination by using one handed tools learning to form letters correctly in the pasta, lentils and sand. We will work with an adult to practise copying letters from our name using our own name card. Letters that we struggle to form accurately we will then practise the formation in our sensory trays as well as with whiteboard pens and laminated letters. 

Personal, Social, Emotional Development.


We welcome some new children and their families to Nursery this week as well as Mrs Turner who will be joining us as an Early Years teaching assistant this term within Nursery. We will therefore be working with all children to support their developing relationships with other children and staff that they work with. 

Communication and Language


Our word of the week will focus on the concept 'different'. We will have lots of fun playing the traditional game of spotting the odd one out. 

Expressive Arts and Design


We will be focusing on looking at the patterns of different animals such as the black and white stripes on a Zebra or the orange and black stripes on a Tiger. We will look closely at these patterns and using this knowledge create our own patterns on a paper plate which we will later use as an animal mask. 

We will use various construction toys and loose parts play to create our own Jungle inspired enclosures and the wild animal small world toys.

We will introduce the children to an adapted role play house; our Jungle inspired tree house, where they will have access to the familiarity of their kitchen but also animal masks and Jungle inspired surroundings. As they play we will develop their language about the Jungle and what they can expect to find there. 

Understanding the World


Our investigation table will encourage the children to match the animal pattern to the correct outline of a Jungle animal. We will name the animals that we explore and draw and label our favourite animals. We will explore the appearance of the animals, how they move, where they live and what they are like. Each day different Jungle animals will appear for us to learn about. 

We will watch the video clips with the children to remind them how the caterpillars transformed into a chrysalis then into a butterfly. We will release the butterflies into the natural environment taking them to Forest School where they can rest on the blossom or visit the flowers in the neighbouring gardens. 

Mathematics, Pattern.

This week we will explore animal patterns, focusing on the patterns of animals found in our text. We will discuss the patterns that we can see on their bodies, discussing the various colours, lines and shapes.

Using our jungle animal picture cards, each day we will continue a set pattern, create our own patterns, spot the errors in a pattern and discuss the various patterns we create; such as elephant, lion, elephant, lion, elephant, lion. In our play tray we will use the tweezers and pom poms to create patterned snakes, using our developing knowledge of repeated patterns. 


Literacy, reading.

We have many Jungle inspired and animal books that have arrived in the book corner for children to refer to as well as some of their ongoing favourites too. We will have access to animal puppets for children to create their own stories. 

As we practise writing our own names we will also practise recognising our own name from finding it from a choice of six names in the name card packs. we will encourage the children to read the labels displayed next to our Jungle animals. 

Literacy, writing.


We will work with an adult to practise copying letters from our name using our own name card. Letters that we struggle to form accurately we will then practise the formation in our sensory trays as well as with whiteboard pens and laminated letters. 

Our rhyme of the week is Rumble in the Jungle, sing along at home and enjoy having fun with your child.

Down In The Jungle - KIDDY MUSIC