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Wk. beg. 21.06.21

This week we will be focusing on the traditional tale, The Elves and The Shoemaker. Click on the link below to listen to the story.

Read Aloud Stories for Children - The Elves and the Shoemaker

Today we read the story: The Elves and the Shoemaker from 'Ladybird Favourite Stories'. This story is based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It is one ...

Personal, Social, Emotional Development.


We will continue to embed our learning around the NSPCC, PANTS Campaign. We will sing along with Pantosaurus, design our own pants and remember the PANTS rules;


Privates are private,

Always remember your body belongs to you,

No means no,

Talk about secrets that upset you,

Speak up, someone can help. 

Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. On Tuesday morning we will have our P.E. session. Please ensure children come dressed in appropriate clothing and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field. In the event of good weather please apply sun cream before arriving at Nursery and include a sun cap in your child's bag.


Physical Development, Fine Motor.


We will continue to develop our accuracy when using mark making tools with a focus this week on letter formation and copying our name using our name cards. We will practice large scale movements, then practice the same patterns on large sheets of paper as part of our Squiggle while you Wiggle routines. We will continue to develop our finger muscles through our Dough Disco movements. We will develop our hand/eye co-ordination by working with a steady hand when we use the mallets to hammer golf tees into a watermelon, practising our hammering skills like the Elves in the story. 

Communication and Language; Word of the week, next.


At home talk about what you will be doing next, as part of your daily routines. As you walk or drive home, guess what colour car the next one that passes will be; "I think the next car will be blue". 



Reading: We will use letters to match to a base board and read these words by looking at the pictorial clue. We will name and discuss the characters in the text and the story settings as we read the book and re-enact the story using the stick puppets. The children will have access to their favourite stories as well as a rich collection of traditional stories that we will explore over the coming weeks.  

Writing: We will practice writing our own names and other words found in a Thank You card such as "Thank You" "To" and "Love from". Children will create their own thank you cards for the Elves, Shoemaker or family and friends. Children will have access to mark making materials in the Maths area as they record their work and in the role play area as they write receipts for the customers. 



Our rhyme of the week is, One, two buckle my shoe.

Older children moving into Reception Class in September will listen to an adult sounding out and blending a word and will identify what word has been blended using their listening skills, they will then be encouraged to sound out the words themselves.  

Younger children remaining in nursery in September will explore different ways of playing the instruments then will create the same sound with the instrument as their friend. They will send two sounds around the circle copying them in the correct sequence. 

Mathematics, Number.


Younger children remaining in Nursery in September will focus on numbers 0-6, counting forwards from 0-6, identifying these numbers on a dotty die, counting amounts and exploring different ways to separate two then three shoes between the Elves Work Benches. They will represent these numbers through using their fingers and drawing pictures to match the amount.  

Older children moving into Reception Class in September will focus on numbers 0-10, counting forwards and backwards from 0-10, identifying numbers and exploring different ways to separate four shoes between the Elves Work Benches. They will represent these numbers through drawing pictures and writing the numerals to match the amounts.  

Understanding the World.


We will look at a range of footwear including footwear from other countries, we will name the materials used to make the shoe and parts of the shoe, such as tongue, soles, laces, buckles, velcro, laces, zips etc. 

We will return to looking at our bean plant, noticing the differences in growth since we planted the bean as a seed. 

Expressive Arts and Design.


Using paint we will print the soles of a range of shoes creating a variety of patterns in our work. We will also produce a shoe rubbing. Children will be encouraged to create their own designs for a pair of shoes for themselves and design outfits for the Elves in the story. 

Children will explore the use of a range of instruments to discover which instruments create the sounds of the Elves working such as a cutting or hammering sound.

Children will construct their own shoe benches using the large and small construction toys and discover how many shoes it will hold. 

In the role play area they will be introduced to the shoe shop role play area and will be encouraged to retell the Elves and the Shoemaker story using stick puppets. 

Our rhyme of the week is, One two buckle my shoe. Encourage your child to continue to practise this rhyme at home too. 

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