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Wk beg. 22.06.20

I spent most of last week with my coat on and umbrella up and was starting to get very fed up with all of the rain, so I was delighted to discover how many of you had collected rain in the rain gauges you had made at the start of lock down. I think that was one of the earliest activities I had suggested on the website for you all. We had so much rain that you had collected lots of rain to measure so well done to you all. Perhaps rain isn't so bad after all especially if you get the chance to jump in some muddy puddles and make some mud pies! The plants in the garden would certainly have benefited too. I hope this week is a little better as it is always great to be able to get outside to play.

This week we are focusing on dinosaurs as our theme. Have fun everybody grrrrrr, grrrrrr and I hope I can inspire and ignite the passion in you, to become a Paleontologist. 


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