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Wk beg 23.11.20

This week we celebrate NAIDOC; an Australian celebration, traditionally celebrated in Summer but due to Covid-19 is being celebrated in November this year. NAIDOC Week is a time where Australian people celebrate Aboriginal culture, history and achievements. Australians from all cultures live peacefully and celebrate the heritage of Australia. NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for everyone to learn about and celebrate Aboriginal culture. 
We will be focusing on the story of Tiddalick the Frog and our learning will be related to this text. The story is based on a traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime Story about a frog called Tiddalick. Below is a link to a You Tube reading of the story so that you can listen to the story too. 

In class we will complete a range of activities including:

Finding Australia on a map, learning some facts about Australia and exploring some Australian artefacts.

Looking at our flag, the Australian flag and Naidoc flag and painting them by using cotton buds to dab the paint similar to Aboriginal art.

Retelling the Tiddalick the Frog story using stick puppets in our small world play tray, and head dresses in our role play area. 

Decorating our own Tiddalick the Frog, in the style of Aboriginal art, using the cotton buds to apply the paint.

Develop our pencil control by tracing over pencil control sheets with a NAIDOC theme.

We will have the opportunity to copy Aboriginal Symbols in sand, small scale work in class and larger symbols at Forest School. 

We will have the opportunity to present our learning to Reception Class and listen to their learning about a different dream story entitled, The Rainbow Serpent.


We will be learning the song, If you go into the bush ... . We will learn to recognise and name the animals in the text by sight. We will add our own actions and sounds using our musical instruments in class. 

Adult led Math related activities this week will focus on counting out and recognising numbers to 6.

In small teams children will play a math game using a snake; rolling a die and moving a counter up and down the snake. They will continue to learn and act out the song 5 Little speckled frogs, they will perform actions a set number of times inspired by our story and rhyme, they will roll a die and collect that amount of frogs to place on their lily pad and use a computer program to drag frogs onto a lily pad leaf.   

Throughout the week the children will have access to number puzzles, numeral threading activities, head dresses to enact the song, 5 little speckled frogs and use of a die to collect the required amounts of frogs.