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Wk beg. 26.04.21

Our text this week is Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. This text allows us explore the concept of night whilst finding out about jungle animals that are nocturnal and diurnal.  

Night Monkey, Day Monkey

Written and narrated by Julia Donaldson.Illustrated by Lucy RichardsEdited by Mister Austin Smith from Such Fun!

Physical Development, Gross Motor.


Each day we will complete short burst energy activities to keep us healthy and to improve our co-ordination. On Tuesday morning we will have our P.E. session. Please ensure children come dressed in warm track suit trousers and suitable outdoor footwear such as trainers as this session will be delivered outdoors on the school playground or on the field. In the event of good weather please apply sun cream before arriving at Nursery and include a sun cap in your child's bag.


Physical Development, Fine Motor.


We will continue to develop our accuracy when using mark making tools with a focus this week on using chalks to mark make and create pictures of night time thinking about what can be seen at night such as the moon, stars and fireworks. We will practise large scale movements, then practise the same patterns on large sheets of paper. We will develop our hand/eye co-ordination by placing breakfast cereal hoops onto a given line.


Physical Development, Health and Self-Care.


We will discuss the importance of a good nights sleep to our health and the importance of having a good bedtime routine. We will use the sentence stem; "Before I go to bed I ..." when discussing our night time routine with our friends. 

Communication and Language; Word of the week.


Our concept of the week is night. We will find out what happens at night when we are in bed asleep. 



We will practice recognising our names from a set of name cards. We will develop our knowledge of what our name looks like by completing our name jigsaw puzzles. We will practice writing our names by copying the letters that are contained in our names and tracing over individual letter formation cards. We will discuss the characters in the story and speak about where the story takes place. The children will have access to story props to create their own Day Monkey, Night Monkey stories as well as being surrounded by a rich collection of jungle themed animal books. 



Younger children will explore making different sounds with the same instruments. In the outdoor learning area they will also hunt for a Monkey. When the instrument sound gets louder they are close (hot), when it becomes softer they are further away (cold). 


Older children will explore the use of a cone trumpet and explore the use of their voice as they create sounds through it. They will also practice sounding out words and blending them together to hear words.

Mathematics; Number


We will practice counting by rote to 10 and identifying and ordering numbers to 6. We will roll the dice and count out the given amounts. We will separate a group of three and four objects in different ways and record through images and numerals the approaches we have used. We will draw images to represent different numbers.   

Understanding of the World.


Our investigation table will encourage children to use the torches to create their own hand shadows using the shadow stimulus cards provided. 

We will think about the concepts of day and night and think about what we do at these times. We will sort objects and pictures between day and night. 

We will think about animals that come out in the day and those that come out at night, using the terms diurnal and nocturnal.

Outdoors we will draw around our shadows and create animal shadows such as a butterfly by flapping our arms. 

Expressive Arts and Design


We will explore colour mixing when painting our own parrots and snakes using the primary colours of red, blue and yellow to create the secondary colours of green, orange and purple.

Rhyme of the week.

Our rhyme of the week is 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed. In class we will act out the rhyme using head masks. Enjoy singing along at home with your child.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed | Children Nursery Rhyme | Flickbox Kids Songs

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