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Wk beg 30.11.20

This week we celebrate St. Andrew's Day which falls on the 30th November this year. We will join the Scottish people and celebrate their culture as we remember St Andrew, one of Jesus' disciples. We will learn all about Scottish culture and the life of St. Andrew and his friendship with Jesus. To develop your own knowledge of the St. Andrew's Day celebrations follow the link below.


In class we will complete a range of activities to support our learning including:


Reading a range of texts about the life of St. Andrew to find out who he was and how he became the Patron Saint of Scotland.

We will locate Scotland on a map and relate it to our position in Cookley. We will explore some significant landmarks and discuss how the places are different to one another. 

We will learn about the Thistle as an important symbol of Scotland and participate in a range of creative activities. 

In Forest School we will decorate a Clootie tree using ribbons and rags.

Explore pictures and artefacts related to Scotland and discuss why these are important to Scottish people.

We will explore the Graham of Monteith Clan tartan and look at a tie and scarf in these colours. We will go on to explore different tartan patterns, looking at those associated with family names of children in the class. 

We will hold a small precious book published 115 years ago of poems and letters written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). 

We will learn about the Loch Ness Monster Myth and make our own Nessy using a paper plate.

We will make our own boats out of foil or clay and test them on our Cookley Loch (water tray). What might be hidden in the Cookley Loch ...? Be ready for some Loch stories!

We will listen to traditional bagpipes being played and replicate these sounds using our own voices and tuned instruments.

We will watch and participate with some traditional Scottish dancing learning some basic moves with our learning partners.

We will watch and participate with some Scottish singing, you may well recognise some of the songs from your own schooling. 

We will learn about the miracles Andrew watched Jesus perform focusing on the stories of the Loaves and the Fish, the Calming of the Storm and Healing the Man. 


Please find below some useful links to support your child with their home learning.