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WEEK ONE Wk beg 4.1.21


Happy New Year everybody!


A big welcome to 2021 to all of our children and families. 2020 was certainly a most unusual year and we really do hope that life can return to something closer to normal over the next few months. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school this term and to continuing our learning adventure together. We cannot believe that we are already one third of the way through the academic year already but know that the children will continue to grow, achieve and amaze us in the next two terms. 


The grown-ups hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wanted to take a moment to say an enormous thank you for your lovely Christmas cards and gifts. We were totally overwhelmed by your generosity, kindness and support at the end of last term. Thank you!




This term we will be welcoming Miss Austin to our class. She is a 3rd year trainee teacher from the University of Worcester and she is really looking forward to joining us this term and undertaking her final teaching placement in our class. We look forward to welcoming her to Cookley next week. She is lucky to have such a fabulous class of incredible children to work with as she continues her journey to becoming a qualified teacher. 



This half term, our new topic will be 'Over the Rainbow' in which we will be focusing on exploring colour. We will be looking at colour in art, colours in nature, mixing colour, the science of colour, exploring emotions through colour, researching famous artists, finding out about the importance of a healthy and colourful diet, and so much more! We will be focusing on the following high-quality learning texts to help steer our learning:


  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle
  • Noah's Ark from the Bible
  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  • The Dot by Peter Reynolds
  • Oliver's Fruit Salad/Oliver's Vegetables and Oliver's Milkshake by Vivian French
  • The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and
  • Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett


We have some really lovely activites planned to really support your child's skill development across this term and we cannot wait to see what they go on to achieve!


The Next Step in Phonics


In Phonics we will be moving on Phase 3 this term. This means that we will be moving on to learning about digraphs and trigraphs. This is when two or three letters work together to make one sound e.g. sh, ch, ng, igh, air. When we sound out words that include digraphs or trigraphs, we use a line underneath them rather than a dot e.g:

cash          rich         king      light

 . . _            . . _         . . _      . __ .


Below are videos of the Phase 3 sounds and the Jolly Phonics songs which accompany them. These are the songs we will be using in class to help us learn these sounds. They give you the correct pronunciation for each sound. Please note that there is not a Jolly Phonics song for all the sounds in Phase 3. For those without a song, we will be making our own! We will send these to you once written. The weekly homework will also explain what we are doing each week and will provide a structure to support your child. However, if you have any questions at all, as we enter this next stage of phonetic development, please pop them on Tapestry or email the class email address We are here to help.

How to pronounce Phase 3 sounds

Jolly Phonics Phase 3 Songs.

Phonics Digraphs Phase 3 Phonics

This week's Book of the Week is...


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.


This book has a simple repeating structure which makes it great to reinforce and strengthen colour knowledge, develops children's awareness of story structure and the rhythm of words and to enable them to write their own versions of the book using the Phonics and writing knowledge they already have. We will be using the book to explore colour in the natural and animal world; to compare different Eric Carle books and illustrations; to write our own versions of the book and to explore rhythm.


Please find below the week's Class Learning and Home Learning. Keep posting on Tapestry to let us know how you are getting on with these tasks and with any other learning you are doing at home.


Yours sincerely,


Miss Bagnall, Miss Austin, Mrs Roath, Miss Davies, Mrs Painter, Mrs Leach and Mrs Bromley smiley