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Wk beg 14.09.20



We will be playing sound lotto games and identifying the sounds we can hear and matching them to the correct photograph. At home go on a listening walk but stop at the door, what can you hear in each of the rooms? Predict what is happening before you enter. 




Our number rhyme focus will include: Once I caught a fish alive and This Old Man he played ...


We will count by rote to 10.


We will focus on recognising the numerals 1-5 and the different ways these numbers can be represented such as the use of fingers, objects, pictures and numicom. 


We will be rolling a die then counting the spots to see which numbers we have rolled, hopefully we will soon learn to read the die by looking at the pattern on the die without having to count the spots each time. We will then collect the matching amounts of objects using items such as our compare bears, doughnut cards and wooden doughnut shapes.


At home play games with dice and learn to read the dots on the die at speed. Encourage your child to collect the correct amounts of objects to match the number they have rolled. Use items that interest your child such as cars, dolls or other small world objects.

Our texts include; Please Mr Panda and Thank you Mr Panda. We will learn to name the animal characters in the book and discuss why Mr Panda reacted in the way that he did.


Our focus will be on encouraging manners, focusing on Please and Thank you. We will discuss when manners should be used, why we need to use them and how they make us feel. Children will be rewarded for using manners independently without needing prompting with a choice of sticker. We will be observing the children using manners in their own play when playing with others and when responding to other children and adults. 


We will observe the changes in the ingredients, flour, salt and water when making our own salt dough. Once made we will roll, flatten, shape and cut the dough to create our own doughnut shapes. Once dry we will paint and decorate the doughnuts using glitter and sequins. 



We will use cereal hoops to improve hand and eye coordination and fine motor control. We will pick up the small cereal pieces and place them onto base boards to create rainbow pictures.