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WEEK SIX Wk beg 8.2.21


Welcome to Week Six


Welcome to Week Six. Whilst this was definitely not the way we had expected this half term to end, or how we would have liked it to, the staff all want to send a big 'thank you' your way. We know that home-schooling and adapting to yet another new set of rules has been a real challenge but we have seen, day in day out, how much love and support you have offered your children during an unusual time. Thank you. 



No one yet knows for definite when we will be reopening but we will continue communicating with you throughout the coming weeks, as soon as we know anything. 


For the final text of our 'Over the Rainbow' topic we have chosen 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. This book allows us to use colour to explore our feelings and emotions, which may well be heightened at the moment, as we continue to live and work through the current restrictions. We hope that the text will allow us all to open up conversations with children about how they think and feel, in a way that is open and honest and we look forward to discovering where you take your learning this week in response to this text.


I can also now exclusively reveal what our new topic will be after half term... *drumroll please*...



As part of this topic we will be focusing on growing, nature, growing-up, transitions, seasons, looking after the environment, natural art and so much more! The grown-ups cannot wait to get started. 


But first, back to this week. Below you will find links to the information for those children learning from home and those learning in school. Enjoy your last week of learning before a well-earnt break and relax next week. 


Stay safe and stay in touch.

Miss Bagnall, Miss Austin, Mrs Roath, Miss Davies, Mrs Leach, Mrs Painter, Mrs Bromley and Mrs Powell-Tibbetts smiley 


Week 6 ~ Welcome