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Wk beg. 01.06.20

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term break. We are looking forward to continuing to support your child's learning whether that be through online suggested activities or meeting with the children directly back in class. This week we will continue to focus on learning the names of the letters of the alphabet to further support the learning that took place during the half term break. 


You Tube Speed Sounds lessons update: From 1st June all lessons will be available at 9:30. Our focus will be on Set 2 Speed Sounds lessons which will include new words for reading and spelling. Children can also practise reading 'Red Words 1' and 'Read and Hold a Sentence 1' beginning on Monday 15th June. We haven't been told which sound they will start with, possibly ay as this is the start of the teaching sequence or they could continue where they finished at half term which would therefore be igh. For this reason I won't add the children's activities for Phonics until Monday night to ensure the activities match what they are watching as part of their lesson. 


We are pleased that we continue to be your child's teachers and should you need any support we continue to be available for learners at home as well as our returning school learners next week. Just drop us a message via Tapestry or phone into school should you need any support. Mrs Turner, one of our Foundation Stage teaching assistants, will be commenting on the Tapestry home learning observations for the next few weeks but I will continue to read each observation to see how you are all getting on and to support me in planning the activities for you all. I look forward to seeing all the photographs of you having fun with your learning. Well done reception class, keep up the great work for the final half term.