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Word Aware

Concept Cat

This week our word is ‘day’.


You can use the Concept Cat song from last week's page to introduce this.


A story you could use to teach this concept:


Concept cat was thinking about the things she does when it is ‘day’. Her mummy said she could go to the park when it was ‘day’.

Concept cat was very excited, she looked out of the window. The moon and stars were in the sky. It was dark. She got dressed and put on her coat ready to go. Was it ‘day’? No! It was ‘not day’. Her mummy said, no! It’s ‘not day’. When it is ‘day’ they sun comes out and it is light outside.

When you have done this, you can discuss all of the things you do when it is ‘day’ and how we know when it is ‘day’.


Next, sing the word aware rap with your child. The video can be found on last week's page.


Keep doing the action from the video below when you say the word ‘day’.


Still image for this video