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Word Aware

Concept Cat

This week, our word is 'behind'.


You can use the Concept Cat song from week 1 to introduce this.


A story you could use to teach this concept:


Concept Cat was going out to play. He was asked to line up 'behind' the door. He went through the door and lined up outside. Was this right? No! He didn't line up 'behind' the door. He was 'not behind' when he went outside.

His teacher tried again and asked him to stand 'behind' the door. He went and sat on the floor! Oh dear! Was this right? No! He was 'not behind'

His teacher asked his friends to help him to see where 'behind' was. He stood 'behind' the door and waited to go out to play. 


Next, sing the word aware rap with your child. The video is still on week one's Word Aware link.


You can play games and use animals lined up to reinforce the word. You could ask which toy is 'behind' a certain toy. You could also ask your child to stand 'behind' different things throughout the day.


Keep doing the action from the video below whenever you say the word 'behind'.


Still image for this video