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Word Aware

Concept Cat

Concept Cat

This is the way to start a word aware session. We have a cuddly cat we use to act out the start of the story. The children say hello to her and can hold her when we play the game. If you have a cat toy or picture at home, you can use it as a substitute.

Our word of the week this week is 'tall' and the action is modeled below. 

When teaching your child this word, use a story. 

After playing the above video, you can use your cat toy or picture to act out something. 

e.g. Concept cat decided to go to the park. To get on the rides, she had to be 'tall'. If she reaches here (hold your hand up to a certain level) then she is 'tall'. (try to only use the words 'tall' and 'not tall')

If she doesn't reach then she is 'not tall' and can't go on the rides. Show the cat measuring itself. Make sure it doesn't reach.

Concept cat says she is 'tall' and tries to get on the ride. Is she 'tall'? No! She is 'not tall' so she can't go on them. 


You can reinforce this throughout the week by looking at your child next to things and asking if they are 'tall' or if the item is 'tall'. Make sure one is 'tall' and one is 'not tall'.

The action for 'tall'.

Still image for this video

Word Rap _ _ _ _

This is the rap we do after teaching the word and playing a game to reinforce the word.