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Imagine that you are Mary Anning. You're the adventurous type and have always loved exploring, particularly on the beaches. You have made some pretty incredible discoveries and it's the day of the big one: the skeleton of a real life dinosaur! 


Here's a fantastic video clip which might refresh your memory and give you some good ideas for your writing:


On Friday, you will be writing the full diary entry, but in preparation have a think about the following:


1) What emotive words and phrases might you use in the diary to convey Mary's emotions? 

2) What events and in what order happen on the day of the discovery? 

3) What key facts about Mary's life will you include to make sure that the diary is as realistic as possible? 


Plan this out so that you are ready to write! 


You could use this online thesaurus and the word mat to help you with your vocabulary and a diary map like the one below to help you with its structure.