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On Wednesday, you were set a planning task which should have prepared you well for today. You can click here to remind you and there are some useful sentence starters. 

Here are some diary entires written as Mary Anning to help you get the style, tone and structure. You might like to do one longer diary entry or a series of shorter ones. The words in purple show you some really effective vocabulary. You can magpie from here but DO NOT COPY!


Publish them and post them to the blog - it might be nice to use some of your artwork ideas to make the diaries look more realistic. Don't forget what we said: 

1) What emotive words and phrases might you use in the diary to convey Mary's emotions? 

2) What events and in what order happen on the day of the discovery? 

3) What key facts about Mary's life will you include to make sure that the diary is as realistic as possible? 


I'm really looking forward to reading them! smiley