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Start by listening to or singing along with 'Symphony' by Clean Bandit.

How many interesting words related to sound and music can you find?

e.g. melody, rhapsody, solo

Can you add any others of your own?

Watch the start of this Christmas advert up to 0:12.

List verbs to describe how the girl is moving.

e.g. twirling, twisting, bounding, swaying


Now think of a fronted adverbial to describe when this is happening.

e.g. After a long day at school,

At the end of school,

When the bell rang,


Combine these ideas to write an interesting sentence to describe how Jasmine is moving. (For an extra challenge, try to include some alliteration in your sentence.)

e.g. After a long day at school, Jasmine came out of the gate springing and spiralling, prancing and pirouetting, jigging and jumping.

Think of some phrases that include the verb 'waiting' to describe what Jasmine's Dad is doing.

e.g. waiting patiently, waiting for her, waiting on the playground, patiently waiting in the cold.


Try to use some of these phrases to create a series of short sentences that include repetition to help the reader learn more about Dad.

e.g. Dad was waiting. Dad was always waiting. Dad was waiting patiently in the cold by himself.

Now think of some positive adjectives to describe a star.

e.g. sparkly, illuminating, magical, shimmering.


Use these ideas to tell the reader how Dad feels about Jasmine.

e.g. He thought his daughter was like a bright, glowing star shimmering in the night sky.

When you have checked your sentences and made any necessary edits, send them to us.