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Start by designing a poster to advertise Class 4's Christmas Talent Show which will take place on the last day of term, Friday 18th December at 1.05pm.


Remember to include:

1. Ambitious vocabulary - e.g. awe-inspiring, captivating.

2. Commands/Imperative verbs - e.g. come, look, don't miss, check.

3. Include the venue, date and time.

4. Use a slogan such as, 'Shine like stars', 'Class 4's got talent'.

Then watch the Christmas advert from 0:52 - 1:08.

Gather ideas for things that fall.

e.g. dead leaf, snowflake, cold tear from an eye, apple from a tree.


Use these ideas to build an interesting sentence about the leaflet falling. The sentence must include a simile.

e.g. Dad kept on working as the flyer for the talent show fluttered down from the noticeboard like a lonely snowflake.

Think about how the curtains opened.

e.g. slowly, gradually, inch by inch.


Create an interesting sentences or group of sentences about the curtains opening.

e.g. Jasmine kept on practising until the big night arrived. Slowly, inch by inch, little by little, the heavy stage curtains opened.

Now think of words that rhyme with 'night'.

e.g. bright, light, tonight, limelight, delight, slight, alright, ignite, limelight.


Use rhyme to make your next sentence interesting and build the tension.

e.g. In the limelight, under the spotlight, a chance to shine bright.

When you have checked your work, send it to us.