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Start by collecting a bank of language that shows the togetherness of the dancing.

e.g. in unison, in sync, in partnership


Use your ideas to create your sentences.

e.g. Dad danced. Jasmine danced. They danced in unison. They danced in harmony. They danced to their heartbeats.


Now collect suites of words that include a comparative and a superlative.

e.g. bright, brighter, brightest. great, greater, greatest.


Use these ideas in your writing.

e.g. On stage, they were bright. Together on stage, they grew brighter. Dancing together on stage, they were the brightest.


Think of some quantity words to describe stars in the sky.

e.g. millions and billions

Now think of alliterative adjectives for stars starting with the same letters as your quantity words.

magical, marvellous, miraculous, mystical, majestic, brilliant, beautiful, bright, bold.


Use these ideas to create alliterative sentences.

e.g. There were billions of stars that were brilliant and beautiful. Jasmine was the most brilliant and beautiful star of all.


When you have finished today's work, send it to us.