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In today's lesson, we are planning and drafting our story.


Start by deciding on your character. Are you going to be the main character in the story or will it be someone else?


What is the event going to be?

e.g. A talent contest, a concert, a football match, a martial arts event, a swimming competition.


Who is going to ignore the main character because they are too busy?

e.g. A parent, an older sibling, someone from school.


Now start to plan and draft your story. Use the same plot points as we used for the Christmas advert.


Plot point 1 - Home time and a flyer

Plot point 2 - On the phone again

Plot point 3 - Household chores and a slammed door

Plot point 4 - Practising

Plot point 5 - The curtain opens

Plot point 6 - Frozen

Plot point 7 - A Star performance


When you have completed your plan and draft, send it to us.