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Start today by watching these film clips of friendship breakdowns.

Failing at Friendship - My Little Pony: The Movie [HD]

Toy Story (1995) - Buzz vs Woody Scene

Pixar Inside Out - A Family Dinner Scene

Mario and Luigi's argument

Think about how we feel when friendships break down. Can you think of any words to describe this?

E.g. deserted, stressed, abandoned, devastated, hurt, lonely.


Usually anger is a secondary emotion, typically, one of the primary emotions, such as fear or sadness will be underlying it.


Think about how we can repair friendships.

What would you do if you had fallen out with your friend?


Next, watch the film up to 04:15

You will also need this picture.

Now, either watch the videos or follow the instructions in the presentation. You can choose whether to use the sentence stacker sheet provided or set out your work like we do in school.

Plot Point 6 Learning Chunk 1

Plot Point 6 Learning Chunk 2

Plot Point 6 Learning Chunk 3

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