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For today’s lesson, start by watching these film clips that show drastic action. Drastic action means you have to do something quite extreme to secure a good outcome.

Sam Runs After Joanna | Airport Scene | Love Actually | SceneScreen

Love Actually (10/10) Movie CLIP - Jamie Proposes to Aurelia (2003) HD

Why did these characters feel that they needed to take drastic action?


What other life situations might require drastic or extreme action to solve a problem? Think about safety scenarios and the work of the emergency services.


Next, watch the film up to 04:50.

Now, either watch the videos or follow the instructions in the presentation. You can choose whether to use the sentence stacker sheet provided or set out your work like we do in school.

Plot Point 7 Learning Chunk 1

Plot Point 7 Learning Chunk 2

Plot Point 7 Learning Chunk 3

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