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This half term, we will be looking at the text 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.

We will be following the narrative map below.

Iron Man Narrative Map

Today is an experience day to introduce you to the new learning block.


Learning Objective: To explore/describe different metals and appreciate the enormity of the central character.


First of all, have a look around your home for any items which are made of metal. Ask a grown up to help you to only use items which are safe to use.


Gather them together and look at them in more detail. Discuss with someone at home the way they look, feel, sound when you tap them and even smell!


Look at the colours, feel the different textures and think of all the words you could use to describe them.

Collect all of the descriptive language you can and write it down. This can be single words or phrases you were reminded of. It's up to you!


Imagine you have just walked outside into the playground at school and you saw this. A giant chalk outline.

Think about what your response would be.


Write down your thoughts.


When did he get here?

Who is he?

What is he?

Why is he here?

Where did he come from?

How big do you think he is? (look at the picture of a child inside the outline to see just how big this thing is!)


When you have gathered all of your ideas, send them to the class email 

We can't wait to see your ideas!