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Learning Objective: To write effective sentences for our story.

Steps to Success: Feelings Dialogue Repetition for effect


Learning Chunk 1


 Imagine yourself as the Iron Man, imagining how he is feeling now.

Gather a bank of vocabulary. Here are some ideas: devastated, depressed, distraught, numb, hopeless, helpless, alone, isolated.

Next, Include two or more feeling words to convey the personal impact of his fall. 

Here is my example: The Iron Man felt hopeless, alone and devastated by what had happened.


Learning Chunk 2


Ask someone else to play pretend with you. Both of you pretend you are seagulls (speaking in human voices), discussing what you have seen and offering to help the Iron Man – e.g. Oh that’s terrible! What a shame! How upsetting for him! We will help you! We will fix you!


Add a piece of dialogue between the seagulls and another piece spoken directly to the Iron Man.


Here is my example: “Oh no! What a shame! Why did he do that?” muttered a pair of seagulls. “We will help you! We will fix you!” they called.


Learning Chunk 3


Watch the video below and have a go at singing along with the words.



Dem Bones w Lyrics

Now, list all the body parts – thigh, leg, shoulder, knee, wrist.

Gather a list of metal joiners/fasteners – bolt, screw, hinge, clip, staple.

Compile a list of metal components – plate, rod, pin, sheet, bracket, washer, ring, spring, hasp.

Generate a bank of cheap/scrap metals and the properties associated with them – iron, steel, copper, zinc, nickel, tin, rust, tarnish, corrosion.


Use the vocabulary banks (body parts & metals-related) to re-assemble the Iron Man.


Here is my example: Foot to ankle, ankle to leg, leg to knee, the Iron Man was pieced together. Staple to sheet, screw to rod, bolt to bracket, he began to take shape. Copper to zinc, iron to rust, tin to tarnish, the Iron Man was finally whole again.


Have a go at your own and remember to email it into the class email