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Learning Chunk 1


Who is Hogarth? – farmer’s son, young boy, small child


What is he doing? – fishing in a stream, searching for skimming pebbles, climbing trees in a wood.


Fronted adverbials – One evening, As the sun began to set, As the night sky darkened.


Introduce the reader to Hogarth, who is he and what is he doing? Us a fronted adverbial to start your sentence.


Here is my example: One evening, a farmer’s son, a boy called Hogarth, was fishing in a stream that ran down to the sea.


Learning Chunk 2


What can Hogarth see? – going dark, darkness descending, darkness enveloping him,


What problems are caused by the darkness?


Fishing – hook getting caught, couldn’t see the bubbles from the fish


Climbing – stumbling over tree roots, branches getting caught on clothes


As it gets darker, how is the darkness affecting Hogarth’s activity


Here is my example: It was growing too dark to fish, his hook kept getting caught in weeds and bushes.


Learning Chunk 3


What could he hear? Positive sounds – Owls hooting in the wood, waves lapping gently against the shore. Think of an element of nature – Wind, wave, What might the element of nature say to calm Hogarth? – Hush, Don’t worry.


Think of positive sounds that Hogarth can hear. Use personification to describe nature comforting Hogarth.


Here is my example: So he stopped fishing and came up from the stream and stood listening to the owls in the wood further up the valley, and to the sea behind him. Hush, said the sea. And again, Hush. Hush. Hush.


Read and review your work and then send it in to the class 4 email: