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Kidderminster Primary Schools' Alliance KPSA

What is a KPSA?  Kidderminster Primary Schools' Alliance


A joint partnership between Chaddesley Corbett Primary School, Comberton Primary School, Cookley Sebright Primary School, Offmore Primary School & St Catherine’s CE Primary School.


The aims of the partnership are:

To improve the outcomes in the key areas of teaching and learning, behavior and well-being and achievement through:

· Collaboration - the sharing of expertise, good practice, knowledge and data

· Increased capacity (shared common policies and resources)

· Better opportunities for high quality professional development

· Shared quality assurance - school to school visits (similar to Ofsted) and

· moderation (ensuring assessment judgements are fair and accurate)

· Improved economies of scale (for example bulk purchasing, shared costs)


Benefits of the alliance

· Sharing resources and provisions and expertise across the schools particularly for curriculum subject leadership,

· Shared professional development for staff and the schools are able to build on established classroom approaches,

· Allowing all staff to collaborate and improve standards in all schools (eg Metacognition work),

· The cost effectiveness of shared work (such as CPD), makes previously unaffordable training accessible for all schools.


KPSA Events 2023 - 24

We have been pleased to work collaboratively through

· Cookley hosted Reading & Maths Competitions – May 2023

· St Catherine’s led balance ability sessions with Reception – June 2023

· Offmore led an upper KS2 Football tournament – July 2023

· Chaddesley organised an orienteering morning – September 2023

· Musical theatre day at Comberton – November 2023


Upcoming events:

· Cookley hosted Reading & Maths Competitions – May 2024

· St Catherine’s Arts Day – May 2024

· Offmore sports tournament – July 2024