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Here is a long term overview of Geography at Cookley Sebright from EYFS all the way to Year Six.

Geography - At Cookley Sebright Primary School, we are committed to delivering a curriculum shaped by our values, "Enjoy, Discover, Achieve".


We believe that geography is an integral part of the curriculum due to its coverage of the diverse world and its people. 

The curriculum is designed to equip our pupils with a detailed understanding of locational knowledge, place knowledge and human and physical geography. We encourage a love of learning (ENJOY) by planning engaging, carefully sequenced lessons which cover a range of countries and places all around the world. The geography curriculum provides opportunities to discover a range of places around the world and their alternative cultures and lifestyles. 


We encourage children to aspire to ACHIEVE their very best. We want our children to gain confidence and enjoy practical experiences in the local area and take opportunities to compare different places around the world.  Together with this, the curriculum will build upon their geographical vocabulary and link their learning with current world topics. The children will recognise the importance of sustainable development and show a commitment to tackling climate change.

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two