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Helping your child to be 'school ready'


What does it mean to be 'school-ready?'


The simple answer is, nobody knows! 'School readiness' is a ever-changing feast and it looks different to everybody with lots of different meanings and ideas floating about. Whilst there is no set definition of what it means to be 'ready for school,' there are some things that you might like to think about supporting your child with over the summer in order to help them get off to the best possible start. Most importantly, school readiness needs to be seen through a personal, social and emotional lens with children needing to be able to separate from you and manage these feelings, knowing that they are safe and cared for at school as well as at home. We hope that the transition videos and activities posted on here will help children with this as the environment and people will be somewhat more familiar. Through this lens, being school ready is also therefore to do with developing your child's confidence and ability to look after themselves (toileting, eating, putting their coats on, making choices about what they would like to do, being confident to ask for help etc) which is something you might like to work on over the Summer Holidays too. 


Below are some documents that explore the idea of school readiness and may give you some ideas of things to think about. They are mainly aimed at children starting Reception, but there is lots of information which is also relevant for Nursery starters too. But again, these are NOT a tick list and if your child cannot do everything on the lists this is not something to worry about and DOES NOT mean they are not ready for school. Children will all develop in different ways and at different speeds and the current situation in which we find ourselves will also undoubtedly have an impact on the way in which they become ready for Nursery or Reception. We will support every child, every step of the way. It is our job and we love it.