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For your first task, please log onto Mathletics using your log on code in your reading record and complete the assigned activities.

Next, spend a few extra minutes reading. This can be your school reading book, the reading for pleasure book, a book from home or a book on Oxford Reading Buddy.


Write or draw what you predict will happen next in your story.

This way, we enjoyed exploring fabric bags as part of our new DT sequence.


For your homework this week, explore any fabric bags that you have around the house. Look closely at them. Draw and label the design features that you notice. Think about what they are used for and how they are fastened. 


You might find fabric shopping bags, drawstring bags, lunchboxes, rucksacks and pencil cases. 


How many different designs can you find?

Thank you for completing your homework this week.

We are looking forward to seeing what you send us.


The Year 3 team!