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For your first task this week, please log onto Mathletics using your log on code in your reading record and complete the assigned activities.

Next, spend a few extra minutes reading. This can be your school reading book, the reading for pleasure book, a book from home or a book on Oxford Reading Buddy. 


When you've finished, imagine you are one of the characters from your book and write a brief diary entry.

Next week in Science, we will be exploring how much sugar is in our drinks.


Please can you collect clean bottles and cans of a variety of drinks ready for the investigation on Wednesday. We are hoping to have a wide range of drinks to explore. e.g. Fruit juice, energy drinks, pop, squash.


If you want to explore further, Look at some of the labels on the foods that you eat this week. How much sugar is there within each portion? Could you measure out that much sugar and compare the amount of sugar with the amount of food itself?


Don't forget to send your work to us at the following email address.


Thank you,

The Year 3 Team