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Curriculum Intent


In line with our whole school values of enjoy, discover, achieve, we use a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics. Our aim is to teach for a secure and deep understanding for all pupils, through a range of tasks which develop pupils' skills in line with the National Curriculum themes of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Work is delivered through whole class lessons which are carefully planned to help develop mathematical understanding. Key concepts of number and place value, calculation, fractions, geometry and statistics are broken into small steps and addressed sequentially to ensure that all children can access the learning. We aim to challenge children through rich, deep tasks which encourage them to think deeply, reason mathematically and apply their understanding in a range of contexts.


When teaching, teachers use a range of resources and introduce new topics using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach. This enables children to gain a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts so that learning is sustainable over time. It also allows children to build new learning upon prior knowledge and consolidate key skills.


In addition to daily Mathematics lessons, the children also receive daily 'number fluency' sessions. In Key Stage 2, these provide an opportunity for practising key number and arithmetic skills, develop arithmetic fluency and consolidate existing skills. In Early Years and Key Stage One, we use the NCETM Mastering Number approach to provide a secure Mathematics foundation that the pupils can build their learning upon.