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Final details for Friday 12th April

Bonnet Parade

The traditional Cookley School Easter Bonnet Parade will start from school at 9.15am.  Our youngest children are accompanied by our older pupils during the parade.  The parade will start along Lea Lane, along Austcliffe Road to Drumart House.  We will then make our way up onto the Beeston, Clee , Gaymore and Staite loop and then head back down the pathway to Austcliffe and then return to school.  We hope some of you will be able to watch us on our parade - and please let the villagers know too.

So remember...

  • To come in your school uniform
  • Your bonnet



NSPCC Colour Run

All of the children will participate in the 'run' itself (it will replace our Daily Mile just for today)

Please make sure that you have given permission via the Gateway for the cloud.  We WILL NOT let them run through the cloud without permission.  (If you are joining in with the run you can join the cloud too or just watch - it's up to you!)  Please also make sure that the children have a change of clothes.  The paint cloud 'may stain clothing' so don't send them in their Sunday Best (just an old pair of joggers and a tshirt would be fine)  It would also be sensible to provide a pair of sunglasses to help protect their eyes from the paint.

Parents are invited to join in.  The gates will open at 2.10pm.  Please make your way to your child's classroom to collect them and then make your way to the start (by the adventure playground).

The paint cloud will be 'fired' at the end of the run (these paint cannons are similar to giant party poppers).  Pupils whose parents are unable to join us will do the run with their class teacher.

So please remember...

  • Send your child with a change of clothes (and sunglasses to protect eyes)
  • To give permission via the Gateway (under payments - no payment necessary)
  • Arrive at 2.10 if you would like to join us


The Friends of Cookley School will be holding their Chocolate and Bottle tombolas too tomorrow afternoon.  All the money raised from the tombolas will go towards purchasing some new computer equipment for the children.