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Heatwave update


In light of the extreme temperatures forecast for Monday and Tuesday, we have updated and reshared our risk assessment with staff to try and keep the temperatures as cool as we can.  Some of our measures:


· Uniform rules relaxed—pupils can attend school in shorts and t-shirts.  However, please do not wear flip flops as this would be dangerous.

· Please apply factor 50+ sunscreen to your children before school and please send them with a sun hat and plenty of drinks.  Water bottles can refilled throughout the day.

· We will make use of shady areas (such as forest school) and the cooler indoor areas—such as the Hall and Sebright Room.

· Morning break will be extended and lunchtime will be shortened.  This will reduce the time that the children are outside at the hottest times of the day.

· PE will not take place on Monday or Tuesday after 10am (if at all, staff will risk assess on the day)

· Staff briefed on heat stress symptoms in children.

· Making use of digital thermometers, roof vents, blinds and other ventilation, to control the indoor temperatures.

· Curtail heat generating activities (electrical items or physical exertion)