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Pyjamas and Mad Hair Charity Event

Brogan (y2) and Bailey (Y6) Wilding's Aunty Megan has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer.  She is 25. Unfortunately, chemotherapy and radiotherapy hasn’t been successful. She has been really poorly with side effects.  There is a new treatment (Avastin) that she needs to help save her life but is no longer available on the NHS and costs £2000 every month. Brogan and Bailey love their Aunty Megan very much and they are organising this fundraiser so that they can help her get better to enable them all to get out and do the fun things they used to do together before she became poorly.
On Wednesday 19th June we are holding a Mad Hair and pyjama day at Cookley School to help support the family's fundraising - if you would like to support please come to school dressed in your pyjamas (no snoozing at school though!) and make your hair as wild as you can.  Please bring a £2 donation.  All proceeds to Aunty Meg's fundraising team.
Love From Bailey and Brogan Wilding